Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save The Date

I have nothing super insightful to write about today, so I decided to share some poetry I have been writing over the past few days. I don't title my poetry, so I use the dates as titles. I think I will title my compilation : "Save The Date." I hope you enjoy them.


Move me. Mask my confusion.
Smile at me and melt my heart; Speak to me and heighten my senses.
Electric! Push me to new heights, pull me to unfamiliar depths.
Don't get quiet now -- you are musical!

Take me to that place in your heart where time never ends
and where the end never begins.
This is the manifestation of love, the root of what we're all made of.

You've proven to be deaf to my voice, so listen to my heart.
Silently, my love. Silently...


Be careful not to speak above the resonance of the vibrations of my heart.
My heart...My heart.

That song in my heart -- those notes that only your voice can hit.
Sing sweet melodies into spaces not contained.

Just stop; whisper no more.
The world can hear you...

5/8/09 (written for a really good friend of mine)

Oh stream of life:
With bright eyes and light hearts, we stay afloat.
Gentlemen are treading -- women are bathing.
To infinity, your pool runneth over; the uncountable of youth.
Self-serve, if you please.

Oh stream of life:
After the ultimate lesson, we learn to bask
in the sun-lit reflection of gold.
And with conditioned memories, and pure hearts,
we pass your test, and prove to be forever young.