Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't Call Me Gaga

The title is random because I don't have anything major to say today; it's been a weird day. I do want to say this: Don't let anyone dull your shine. People will push you to your LIMITS at times, but every time you make it past that incident, you prove to yourself (because no one else really matters in regards to your self-enhancement) that you are stronger than your adversity.

On another matter, I found this video very funny today :

My favorite part is "Remember that one time when we were at the movies and you sat next to me and I started shaking and you asked what's wrong and I said nothing it's just my epilepsy?" Haha! How many of you have had "epilepsy?" I won't even give a certain someone that much satisfaction by mentioning my epileptic moment.

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