Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review : A Single Man

First of all, Tom Ford deserves the highest praise for his adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's novel. The costumes, cinematography, the symbolism, and the ART. Never have I ever seen a film with a gay storyline depicted with such class as this one. This time it wasn't just a gay story, it was the experience of love between two men who just happened to be gay. Kudos, Tom.

Tom Ford's vision for this movie was subtle yet aggressive - it was like being punched in the face with a velvet glove.  There was a lot of symbolism - easily identifiable by the audience - which gave the film substance. This was not your average made-for-entertainment film. Sometimes there is beauty in least that what I took from this film. On a side note, Julianne Moore = love! I loved her character : think Lynn Wyatt with too much champagne and a gay best friend... 

If you want to see it, you will have to wait a couple of weeks when it returns to Houston. I HIGHLY recommend it. 

Peace and love.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Single Man

If you know me and you know my love for great movies (especially those that are derivatives of novels), you should know that I am going to love this movie.

Directed by the great Tom Ford - which means the cinematography will be amazing - this is already a big award winner. Here is the link for the trailer:

A Single Man - Click Here

Re-post: The Gray Zone

I am posting this again because it is relevant today.

The Gray Zone

I haven't perfected this as a concept yet, but I wanted to blog about it anyways. There is a certain danger about being stuck in a "gray zone." While neutrality is safe and comfortable, it really isn't a positive thing. I tend to view life as an uphill battle, so if you're not moving forward, instead of staying in the same spot, in actuality, you're slowly drifting backwards. I'm quickly learning that the source of many problems in life is the gray zone.

What is the gray zone? It's the middle ground between what you want and don't want (basically the habitat of whatever you're settling for). It's the midpoint between your best and your worse (far enough past your worse to prevent guilt, close enough to your best to feel satisfied). The gray zone is that place in your relationship where you set up camp far away enough from the black (where you're cold and lonely), and close enough to the white (where everything is warm and perfect). It's the place in your career where you are a little bored with your current job, but too comfortable to dive into your ambitions and become your own boss. It can even be present in your friendships (talking bad about a friend behind his or her back versus not doing it at all). The list goes on for days, but at what point do we swim out of the gray?

Hate is a strong word, but it doesn't begin to express my feelings for this gray zone. I think people (including myself) use the gray zone as shield. It's a security blanket because everyone knows they are safe here, and they have the freedom to run out in either direction. Go 100% of the way, or 0% of the way, because anywhere else in the middle is a waste of everyone's time. Love me or hate me, but don't mix the two. Be loyal or be a flake, but don't be a face-saver. Why wake up and go to work everyday and not give it your all? Why go to class and not give the instructor your undivided attention? Why go to your church/temple/mosque/synagogue if you aren't going to leave as a better person or believe in divine power with unwavering faith?

Success has a keen sense of smell, and mediocrity is...well, malodorous. With this being said, get out of the gray zone by pushing yourself past your usual limits. When you convince yourself to settle for anything, you always end up getting less than what you deserve. I say this because when you settle, you not only lower your standards for that particular goal, you lower your expectations for life in general. Think about it...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Death, Thou Shalt Die!

I have been thinking about death a lot lately. Over the course of my lifetime, death has seemed to follow me and for some reason, it has yet to scare me. Some people are terrified of death, but I feel like this: if you live your life to its fullest potential, then death should not be something you worry about. We all have a time to die and I honestly believe it happens when it's time to happen. No questions asked.

One of my absolute favorite poems is by John Donne, and although it doesn't have an official title, many people nickname it "Death." Here is an excerpt of the poem that I find most interesting:

"DEATH, be not proud, though some have call├Ęd thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so:
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death; nor yet canst thou kill me."
 I think many people fear death so much, that it causes them to live their life in fear. People "play it safe" and do everything they can to prevent it (like being superstitious, for example).  John Donne's poem, towards the end says, "One short sleep past, we wake eternally, And Death shall be no more: Death, thou shalt die!" In a sense, death is just the beginning, not the end. You may be questioning the point of all of this...

If you died today, could you rest eternally knowing that you lived life with no regrets? With this being said, it is not expected for you to achieve every single one of your life goals, but it is rather viewed as "Did I try as hard as I could to make the most of my life?" Have you told everyone you love just how much you love them? Have you made up with your foes? Have you shown appreciation towards your friends? Have you taken time for YOURSELF instead of dedicating your life towards the benefit of others, while yet still keeping others in mind and in heart? Think about it...

Live life to the fullest, because death, too, shall die.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crazy Geese Lady

So, if you have ever watched The Hills, The City, or any show dealing with materialistic, rich teenagers, you probably know who Kelly Cutrone is. She has a new show on Bravo, starting February 1st, called "Kell on Earth."

She is known to be CRAZY and I can only imagine how bizarre this show will be. Here is an excerp I "stole" from wikipedia about how she usually tones down her persona, but will NOT do for Bravo:

"Cutrone is known for her no-nonsense approach to the industry, and her brutal straight-talking. She has said that she and her People's Revolution partners mute their personas somewhat for the cameras: "We kind of have to downplay our real selves. Today for example, we had a meeting at Casio. The assistants don't have the right stuff, so we're yelling at them, I'm securing everything with a paperclip and wondering whether we want a jumbo-clip or a cute little paperclip. We're in this Ford Explorer with a bumper sticker that says "Proud to be a Sioux" (and I'm not a Sioux) and Robin is sitting in the back next to a car-seat and we manage to get to the Casio office in New Jersey five minutes early and there are all these geese out front, and geese are really mean, so I tell everyone to quack at the geese. So we're all quacking really loudly at the geese. And then after the meeting, we go to this diner and I'm wearing Marni, Yohji and Prada and we are like Charlie's Angels with BlackBerrys descending on this diner. And it has like an 80 page menu, and we all have these crazy diets, and I order only hot turkey and they ask if I want stuffing and cranberry sauce and I'm like, "no just hot turkey," and Robin does her thing and Emily has a cheeseburger and we don't talk, we're on our BlackBerrys the whole time. So yeah, on the show, we're less bizarre. If we were our real selves, PETA would be calling us for how we quacked at the geese."

Sounds like a mess right? Ok, I don't even know what time it is anymore, I took 2 quizzes and wrote an essay, I just did video pilates, I'm HUNGRY, and I have to be awake shortly...

Evangeline, help!
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