Wednesday, April 28, 2010

L is for the way you look at me.

Have you ever heard someone say that it is wrong to look for love? I disagree with that - I don't think it is wrong to look for love when you aren't looking for the wrong reasons. A lot of times people look for love or mates because they are insecure, lonely, trying to fill a void, and many other reasons. The rule of thumb is you can't give yourself to someone when you don't have enough to take away from in the first place.

It is very important to make sure you are a whole person before you attempt to give yourself to another. A consequence of ignoring this is several unsuccessful relationships because things "don't work out" or you "just don't click." A lot of these instances could be prevented if each individual took the time to examine his or herself and brought their complete package initially. I have never heard it better than this: "How in the hell can you expect to love someone else when you don't love yourself?"

Introspection is one of those psychological constructs that allows us to exercise the highest faculty of the human intellect, thus being able to separates us from the animalistic behavior exhibited by those species of lower-level intellectual capacity. Simple terms: STOP TREATING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS LIKE PRIMITIVE PRACTICES. Approach your relationships with a confident and intellectual annex and connect it with your emotional capacity and hopefully this fusion will create the "whole" you.

If you've been hurt by someone or something in life, run to the hardware store, buy some Crazy Glue and put your pieces back together. We all deserve to be whole, and the person you are dating or pursuing romantically deserves more than a hefty bag full broken emotions.

After a long time of being guarded and emotionally-enclosed, I think I am ready to look for love. I honestly feel complete as a single man, so now it's time I share myself with someone else. Wish me luck.

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