Monday, June 13, 2011

Epiphany Number 26 of 672.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have done something nice for someone and they seem completely aloof or ungrateful for your act of kindness? We all have...

I used to think that people were assholes and didn't have enough common courtesy to be appreciative, but an epiphany came to me today: a lot of people simply do not know how to process random acts of kindness. Is that hard to believe? Agree/disagree? Keep reading.

I am not sure if this phenomenon stems from low self esteem (people feeling like they aren't worthy of deserving random acts of kindness/people feeling they are undeserving of someone to take time out of their day to think about them), or if people are just generally uncomfortable with the idea of kindness without an ulterior motive.

In my opinion, our society has developed into one where certain virtues -like truth, patience, monogamy, and the honoring of one's word - have been traded in for immediate satisfactions like RSVP'ing "yes" to every invite on Facebook (with no intentions of actually attending), instant stardom via reality television and the sex-take recipe, and GPS-based dating services. The problem is that people always feel like a person wants something when being approached or flattered. Can't we just be kind to one another? Can't a person just genuinely want to make someone's day a little better without wanting something extra. Online dating was a brilliant idea for those people who weren't able to go out and socialize normally, now when you a compliment online your first thought is "Eewwww, creepy, no I don't want to hook up." Guess what? A few of those people probably just really did like your picture and wanted to engage in conversation.

Here is the flip side: Are we as a society still interested in kindness and romance? Think about it -- a few years back, if you wanted to find "your type" you had to go to out in public, actually make yourself look nice and flatter that guy or girl you wanted to talk to. If you wanted to tell your aunt in another state "Happy birthday!" you had to call and hold a conversation, or actually send a birthday card; now you just Facebook or Tweet her "Happy birthday!" If you call her, she will likely not answer and text you back. That guy you like, you don't have to worry about having to toss your hair and bat your eyes and make sure you smell good, you just text, IM, or "poke" him on Facebook, and immediately you two are "dating."

We have made human interaction so distant, methodical, and scientific, that when you send your crush a dozen roses or invite him or her on park date, usually your crush is confused as to why you two didn't just Skype date. It's ridiculous. Think you're excused from this group of people? Point of reference: how many times have you types "LMAO" when you didn't even smile? Exactly.

When did our world become so fast-paced and distant?

This blog is all over the place... oh well, it was a brain-barf moment.