Monday, August 26, 2013

My Raisin in the Sun

Today, I was reminded of the scene in A Raisin in the Sun where Mama Younger scolds Beneatha for kicking her brother when he's down on his luck. Walter had gambled the family's entire net worth away in a bad investment deal, and Beneatha was sure to let him know the magnitude of his mistake in the worst way possible. Mama Younger reminds her that you should never kick someone when they are down. She says that's when our family and friends need us the most, when they are at rock bottom.

I experienced that today with someone I love very dearly. I'm so glad I thought of this story before we talked. Sometimes, all people need is a whole lot of love. The world and its obstacles and hurdles will beat people up enough, but that's not our job, especially when someone's at a low point in his or her life.

We all have the potential to start fresh. As long as we are alive, we have potential. The next time you want to beat someone up over a mistake they have made, consider life from his or her perspective. Be encouraging. Love conquers all.

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