Sunday, January 5, 2014


First week of 2014.

Last year ended on a high note for me and I hope to continue that pattern. I don't think a resolution will do that for me, personally, but I do have other methods I plan to use for personal growth. Coincidentally enough, a man, who is one of few words, told me that in place of a resolution he will use a word that will set the tone for his 2014, and that word is "happiness." That statement was the inspiration behind this post. My word for 2014 is "momentum."

I chose the word "momentum" because this year is going to be about me facing my fears, facing my insecurities, facing my realities and circumstances, and diving headfirst into the direction of the things I want in life.

2012 completely humbled me and 2013 completely restored me. It's amazing what a few rough experiences in life can do for you. As each day goes by, I'm learning to be more and more fearless. I see a chance for professional and academic growth this year. I see a chance to build new relationships while nurturing and repairing existing relationships. I see many opportunities to stop taking myself so seriously. I plan to have fun. I'm going to be my own momentum.

I realize this isn't my most impactful blog post, but I think there is something very special in knowing that you have inspired someone. I wanted to let the man of a few words know that he inspired me, so I hope he somehow reads this and finds it encouraging.

Feel free to share your word for 2014 in the comments!